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Monday, October 30, 2006

Back on the TRACK

well, i finally got this sorry butt on the treadmill today... and it felt great. it comes in handy not working until 1pm on mondays... i get to sleep in, go on the treadmill... go to work. on a regular work day i'm tired in the morning and want to sleep... then i'm tired when i get home from work... but i'm going to attempt getting up tomorrow morning to get on the treadmill by 6:30. 90210 is on TV at 6am... so i can watch that while i jog.

i accomplished a fair amount today, i got up and went to the superstore to grab a few things, came home and unpacked and did the dishes, went on the treadmill, showered, had lunch, and made my dinner to take to work... tonight i did the dishes from my dinner and have taken out the garbage... and that's about it!

so here's my menu from today:

breakfast -
*1c cheerios (2)
*1c skim milk (2)
*1 FF brownie (1)

*whole wheat wrap (2)
*2 falafels (2)
*cheese slice (1)
*lettuce (0)
*1 tbsp FF ranch drsg (0)
*1c. broccoli soup (1)

Dinner (at work)-
*lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0)
*1 turkey pepperette (1)
*30g light cheese (2)
*1 tbsp FF red wine vinegar drsg (0)
*2c strawberries, grapes, and apple (2)
*2 FF brownies (2)

Snack after work -
*pepperette (1)
*cucumber marinated in vinegar (0)

and i had 2 litres of crystal light (aka my WATER) today.

hope everyone had a great monday... and happy haunting tomorrow!!!

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