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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Soup for Me!

so, i'm LOVING the soup recipe i posted a while ago... the brocolli and cauliflower soup. I made it this weekend and alex enjoyed it too.... i'm finding it's super filling without using up points. i realized this weekend how much i can eat without taking up too many points. here's today's menu:

*1c. cheerios (2)
*1/2 c. milk (1)
*2 tangerines (1)

*blue menu wrap (3)
*Sol Veggie pattie (2)
*cheese slice (1)
*1c. soup (1)

*popcorn (3 - YIKES! had the munchies while watching tv!)

*chicken breast (cooked in honey garlic sauce that it had been marinating in all day - YUMMY!)
*soup (1)
*lettuce, tomato, cucumber (0)
*egg white (0)
*1 tbsp ff red wine vinegar drsg (0)
*1 container almond flavoured tofu (2)

*pomegranate (2)

so... there was my totally filling dinner for a grand total of 6 points... seriously, i could hardly move after dinner... in fact, the tofu dessert was more like an hour after i ate dinner.

i've been working on doing 500 sit ups on the exercise ball every day... didn't do it yesterday but did it a couple of days last week (well, decided wed i'd do this morning routine and didn't do it friday or saturday) and did it today. tomorrow will be abs in the morning as well as the treadmill... gotta get this butt whipped in to shape for CHRISTMAS!!!

happy weekend everyone!

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