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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Well, i'd say i'm doing pretty damn good this week! i've been getting my treadmill in and my sit ups every morning... i've been doing REALLY well with the food and haven't used any flex points... on top of that i haven't given in to any sweet cravings and had any chocolate or anything! in fact, a girl brought me a mini chocolate bar today at work (left over halloween candy i suspect, just those little 2 bite things)... and i secretly gave it to another girl at work while i was feeling strong and before i'd feel weak and cave and eat it... the girls in my office know i'm doing weight watchers... so i asked the one girl to take the chocolate from me before i decided "what the heck" and ate it - and she kindly did so for me! what great coworkers i have!!

so, yesterday i did my 500 sit ups in the morning and went on the treadmill for 35min before work... and today i did my abs in the morning and went on the treadmill tonight! yay me!!!

could someone please figure out a way for me to REMEMBER how GREAT it feels when i get off the treadmill? because there are times at night (especially now that it's dark when i get home from work) when i just feel too tired and lazy to go on the darn thing... but when i get off, i feel so proud of myself and happy... how to remember how great it feels? i've got to invent a 'feeling' machine or something!!

so i bought the all bran guardian cereal.... LOVE IT!!! it's so sweet and yummy... i can't believe it's BRAN!!! 6g of fibre in 1 cup!! go all bran!!!

so, here's today's menu:
*1 cup all bran (2)
*1/2 cup skim milk (1)
*1 tbsp PB light (2)
*2 slices ww toast (1)

*salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber), with chick peas (1), and turkey breast (1)
*2tbsp FF red wine vinegar drsg (1)
*clover leaf flavoured tuna, garlic and hot pepper (2)
*2 tangerines (1)
*4 strawberries (0)

Snack after work:
*1 tsp PB light (1)

*salmon fillet (4)
*1 cup soup (1)

Snack tonight (planned):
*1 cup all bran guardian (2
*1/2 cup skim milk (1)

after much consideration with the flavoured tunas I have decided i have 2 favourites - TOMATO and ONION (tastes good and is only 2 points), and SPICY THAI CHILLI (which is 4 points, but a good treat now and again). the rest are okay... except the sun dried tomato... i do NOT like that one!!!

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