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Monday, June 12, 2006

i got SENT HOME!

well, i got sent home from work today at 1pm... was supposed to work until 7:30... but one of the clinical leaders was concerned with my cold/flu symptoms persisting... and she didn't want to risk the health of everyone at work, including all the kids with compromised immune systems... so i was sent home today and have the day off tomorrow....

and my hair was looking good today too. hmph. alex bought me my chi-pet... so i did a deep conditioning treatment on my hair yesterday and took my time straightening it... i'll post photos.

my points were off today... meaning they're under... i don't have enough energy to eat... although i just ate a muslix pita... raisin and cinnamon... it's good. and i've eaten a lot of watermelon... and had some chicken.... and my cereal at breakfast... and that's it.

anyway, here's the photos of my 'do!!

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