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Sunday, June 04, 2006


so, i understand big brother 7 will be an all-star edition. it sounds like cbs is going to have 20 former BB housemates that us viewers will be able to vote into the house. since i'm working nights with (thankfully) not much to do... i've decided to come up with my list of the twenty houseguests i'd like to see us be able to choose from. if you're not sure of their profiles - just go to the cbs website and use the drop-down menu to pick a big brother season to look at.

here goes nothing:

season 2 - hardy, will
season 3 - amy (a girl who loves cheese, just like me!), jason, eric, lisa (maybe eric and lisa would hook up again!)
season 4 - david, nathan, jun, michelle, and yes... alison. i think alison makes for good tv!!
season 5 - drew, jase, cowboy, scott (basically, the 4 horsemen)
season 6 - howie (he's too fun to watch!), james, janelle, kaysar, michael

there you have it. i wonder why we don't get to pick from season 1. anyone else remember that season? with britney, the girl with funky hair... and chicken george... the token older guy who was pretty funny. i think i was the only dork who actually watched season 1 of big brother...

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