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Sunday, June 11, 2006

remember me?

i realize i haven't posted in a while! i went to weigh in on thursday and was up 0.2lbs... i thought i'd be up a bit more than that - so i was okay with those results.

the rest of my week off was good... did some stuff, did some relaxing... unfortunately by friday night it would appear i may have been hit with the flu (or so alex thinks)... my whole body ached so bad... i spent satuday lying very still on the couch and sleeping most of the day... it hurt to even stand up, felt like it was too much pressure on my spine... crazy!

but today i've felt better... just stuffed up now... planning on returning to work tomorrow.

i don't have a formal menu for tomorrow... i'm going to throw one together now... and update tomorrow night probably.

- 3/4 cup ww cereal (2)
- 1/2 cup skim milk (1)

- tomato, cucumber (0)
- 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese (2)
- watermelon (1)
- 2 fruit snacks (2)

- chicken (3)
- teriyaki sauce (0)
- steamed vegetables (0)

*** clearly i'm under in my points... i'll snack on something at home tomorrow night... i'll update this tomorrow. now i must retire to bed and read "something blue" by emily giffin... it's the follow-up to "something borrowed"... i love these books. i've read almost the entire something blue today... after this i'm scheduled to read "the devil wears prada" before it comes out in theatres!

happy monday!

and to my new person i supposedly inspired to join weight watchers - good luck! you're already a beautiful person inside and out... so my goal for you during this journey is just for you to feel good! and enjoy it!!!!

alex - thank you for my present. i love it! hopefully soon we can go shopping for that congratulatory present i want to purchase for myself. chicklet says she loves you

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