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Thursday, June 22, 2006


well, i guess it's time for an update... i was avoiding it until i would hopefully have some news on the job front... but alas, my number one fan has complained that there hasn't been an update as of late...

i can tell you that i am the newest faculty in the child and youth worker program at humber college, teaching assessment and recording to the accelerated program students. that's exciting! i'm a college teacher!

i'm also waiting to hear back about another opportunity... but i'll keep that under wraps until i hear a final yay or nay.

i was home on the weekend for father's day and mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary... and i ate way too much stinking fudge. here i was in a previous entry saying it's crunch time for michele's wedding... and i go eating a whole truck load of fudge on the weekend (but boy do i make some darn good fudge!!). so, i have made a decision. i will be doing core until michele's wedding. i will not necessarily follow core when alex and i go out to dinner on fridays... but for the most part - i'm going to do core. i've looked up new recipes, written them out... and will go grocery shopping on friday (i'm working a LN right now, will leave here and go straight to a hair appt, go home and get some shut eye... then head to weigh-in, followed by my footlong sub).

friday i have a doctor's appt and then alex and i have to attend a good-bye party for one of my coworkers... haven't decided what i'll eat friday night yet!! either a salad or a sandwich i think.

saturday and sunday i work long nights and then i'm off monday and tuesday. i'm going to post the menus for these 4 days in another post!

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