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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

grocery shopping day!!!

i love when i do my big grocery shopping trips (except when it comes to carrying everything back up to my apartment).

today i bought more soy burgers from blue menu (i LOVE them!!! especially using bob haper's rule of using lettuce to wrap it in)... i decided to buy omega 3 brown eggs (blue menu as well)... i also bought chapman's frozen yogurt in the maple walnut flavour. oh! and i bought the blue menu raita (indian) dip... i tried it tonight on a lays baked tostito... it was good!!

and i bought stuff to make a cheesecake pudding... it sounds gross... but all you do is take a container of fat free sour cream and add a pkg of the sugar free vanilla pudding... voila! has a cheesecake-ish taste... and it's core!!!

i also bought an avocado to make core guacamole (avocado, bit of FF sour cream, and salsa)... turns out - i'm not an expert at buying avocado and i bought one that was tooooo ripe (rotten some would say). so tomorrow i'll buy another one.

those were my exciting purchases at the grocery store. i bought cheese... but bought the smallest pkg of president's choice light old cheddar... i figure if i have a small pkg... i'll eat less cheese overall! i still haven't bought a loaf of bread... guess i don't miss it as much as i once thought i would!!! although i wouldn't mind having a grilled cheese... oh well, i'll have cheese in a lettuce wrap instead i guess.

tomorrow is weigh-in... wish me luck please!!! and while you're at it... maybe wish the edmonton oilers some luck as well... after tonight - they may need it!

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