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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How to deal with Cravings!

i did some research on the net... and i've compiled a list of ways to deal with cravings. doubt they'll work.. but they could be worth a try.

  • be aware of your triggers - anticipate them - prepare for them
  • separate food from activities - don't automatically associate them. i.e - popcorn at movies
  • exercise regularly (let me know how that goes!)
  • substitute lower calorie alternatives (like my popcorn for chips! go me!)
  • develop a taste for spicy food. apparently it's easier to develop cravings if you're more used to "bland" foods... go figure.
  • just try riding out the craving - experts say a craving lasts no longer than 20 min. my guess is these experts haven't suffered from PMS.
  • give in - but in moderation.
  • plan your food for the day (okay, i have to admit - this helps me)
  • avoid excuses for trying/tasting unhealthy foods (i.e "this little bit won't hurt")
  • don't confuse hunger with thirst. i keep a bottle of crystal light around all the time - lot's of flavour and helps me get my water intake up.
  • eat at regular intervals... helps to avoid bingeing
  • distract yourself - play a mental game... keep your mind busy

there you have it... let me know how this works out for everybody! i think i've identified the ones that i've found basically work!

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