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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


My life would be so much easier without cravings. well... at least my weight loss would be so much easier without them. now, i'll admit... i do eat out of boredom... but there are also so many times i'm just CRAVING something soooo bad!!! today... it's sushi. i don't know what it is - i could eat it morning, noon, and night. sushi isn't a totally bad craving to have, i realize this. especially if you buy the brown rice sushi... heck, then it's even core food! but there are so many other times i crave things. earlier i was even craving mcdonalds.... and i don't eat mcdonalds! i ate wendy's not long ago and my body rejected it on me!!!

here's a list of things i crave the most often... for me, it's not about just the salt or the sweet or the grease... it's about all of them. i crave any of it at any given time. they need to invent a pill for this or something!

my cravings list:
~ sushi
~ pizza
~ subway
~ buffalo chicken fingers and fries
~ chips (not too bad with these - i don't buy them and i can substitute with popcorn pretty well)
~ cheese

that's all i can think of right now... let me know what your cravings are - because chances are i crave them too and have just forgotten them right now!!!!

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