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Thursday, June 01, 2006

what is up with me?

ugh. i don't feel well. i started feeling nauseated last night after i ate dinner (microwave dinner). i chalked it up to my anxiety over the tornado watch for the GTA... so i felt ill all night, but avoided actually being sick. then i couldn't sleep... i finally fell asleep around 1am... after feeling wide awake up until then... and i was back up at 4:30 and was wide awake. last night i figured i couldn't sleep because i was nauseated and i had a diet coke in the evening (thought it might help me feel better... but then i think it kept me up because i'm not accustomed to drinking caffeine)... none of this explains why i was back up at 4:30 this morning.

i have to go sit in a quiet room without windows at work for 4 hours... i hope i don't fall asleep! i have a feeling this is going to be torcher!!

again... wish me luck at weigh in!!!!

alex - feel better!!!

here's a photo of me typing this right now... all ready for work by 6am!!!

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