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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The jury's in...

i was down 1.6lbs this week, bringing my grand total to 54.0lbs lost...not too shabby for ol' shrinking jen.

i had hoped i'd be down a little more... but all in time... as alex reminded me, i just need to keep up these better habits from this week and it will average out for a better loss in the long run... as long as i'm where i would like to be by michele's wedding... i won't be at my goal... but i'll be a lot closer.

thought i'd just post a couple of photos for all of my fans out there... (heehee).

1 comment:

bamath77 said...

Thank you for the extra cute pictures. I am looking forward to ingesting nutrients with you later today. My nutrient conversion factory is grumbling with anticipation.