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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Someone Kick Me In the Butt... Please!!!!

i need a serious kick in the butt to get on the treadmill. If you'll notice my ticker... Michele and Jacob's wedding is only basically FOUR MONTHS away! let me share something with you....

<-- according to this was me at my biggest <--- and this is me now. not a huge change considering i've lost 50lbs

<--- at this rate, this is where i'll be by the wedding. not small enough.

<--- i realistically COULD be here by the wedding if i do work HARD!

<--- and this is my WW target. I can't imagine being that small

Wednesday's Menu

*cream of wheat (2)

Snack - AM
*strawberries (1)

*1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese (2)
*grape tomatoes (0)
*black pepper (0)

snack - PM
*WW cereal, individual servings from costco (2)
*1/2 cup skim milk (1)

*chicken breast (3)
*steamed broccoli w/ garlic (0)

OR i'll give in to my constant sushi craving and have...
*sushi, 16 pieces (8)

*** i realize i haven't planned on eating my points today but that's because i've gone over every other day this week, i'd like to be under today and tomorrow (before weigh in... which might not be pretty!)

Have a good day, everyone. I miss Alex. It's so corny, but I have realized time and time again in the past year and a half or so... that he is totally and completely my best friend. I can say anything to him... and i do say anything and everything to him. just ask him!!! he'll be back from mexico on sunday night... only 4 more days!!!

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