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Monday, May 15, 2006

Life is Good...

it's all good! well, besides the fact that my weight didn't change this week... (could be worse)... what's more important is.... ALEX IS HOME! yay yay yay!!! sometimes you don't realize how much you'll miss someone until they're actually gone... i fully understand this. i just feel so much happier knowing he's back in the city. it sounds like he had a fun trip... and he's home safe... and he's rested.... and had a good time... and that's what i care about! and the fact that HE'S HOME!!!

so, i realized this weekend that going to mom and dad's (aka HOME) is a good idea... i definitely stay on track while in pontypool... mom helps me with that and i'm more accountable with others around all weekend.

i'm working a 12hr day tomorrow, but 8hr days wed and thurs... i'll post menus then. for now - i need to HIT THE SACK!

this is shrinking jen, signing off. good night and god speed.

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