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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday... the good, the bad, and the ugly.

it's thursday... and i'm not too worried, i know the scales will show me down at weight watchers tonight.

i didn't post yesterday, but the menu was the same as tuesday pretty much... throw in some avocado at lunch and take away the cottage cheese at dinner... and there you have it.

well, time to evaluate the core plan from this week. i guess i won't officially know how i did until i step on their scales at weight watchers. mine at home are basically just a guideline to give me an indication of how i'm doing... theirs is the final word.

i feel good after doing core... i felt pretty pleased with myself all week, knowing i was only eating healthy foods... went the whole week without any bread, not too shabby for the shrinking girl herself!

i did start to feel somewhat restricted towards the end of the week... i'm not too sure why... the only thing i was really missing here at home was eating cheese and bread...

the bottom line is i'm going to stick to the mostly core foods and will adhere to some of the rules of core (ww pasta or brown rice, only one serving a day...)... but i'll allow myself weight watchers bread and cheese. i'll stick to fat free cottage cheese, and possibly fat free plain yogurt for now too... i can add the jam spread to the yogurt to make my own fruit yogurts.

i'm not posting a total menu plan for today because it's pretty sad... i know i almost starve myself until weigh in. i had 2 eggs first thing this morning, then for lunch (at 11:30, i don't like to eat past noon on weigh in day) i had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, and a little tiny bit of fat free honey dijon mustard salad dressing... pretty healthy... and enough calories to get me through the day.

of course after weigh in tonight is a different story... here is my plan

for dinner i'm going to get a footlong turkey sub from subway... it's going to be toasted and have the following toppings on it: cheese, turkey, lettuce, tomato, extra pickles, and black olives... and fat free honey mustard sauce on it and black pepper (hold the salt). i'll also get 3 cookies to bring home to enjoy! probably chocolate chip...

and that is my plan!!!

alex and i are going out to dinner tomorrow night... i can't wait! first, to see him... because i haven't seen much of him since his return from mexico... and then to go OUT to eat!!! i think we're going to go to montana's... i'll have either chicken fajitas or a pasta dish maybe... who knows!!!

of course he's finally feeling better and i seem to have a cold... the sore throat is gone (thank god, it was so painful for 2 nights i hardly slept! but last night i slept like a baby)... but now it's all nasal congestion... hopefully i can get that gone by tomorrow night so we could both be healthy, both be in the country, and both enjoy dinner!!! i can't WAIT to have a date with my boyfriend!!!

i'll update later after i know how weigh-in went... wish me luck, cross your fingers for me!

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