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Monday, May 08, 2006

Nights... not good for the weight loss!

i'm working nights right now. my last one is tonight, then i don't work more for a month... but still.... working them is definitely harder for weight loss. i just don't allow myself to eat during the night shift... although there are times when you feel like you could fall asleep... and eating a little something would help keep you awake... i choose to just drink crystal light instead.

i have resolved to not do a menu for my nights... basically when i get home from work i have a bowl of cereal... when i get up during the afternoon... i eat what i feel like. today i'll have a frozen dinner i think. maybe perogies. see? who knows!

all i know is i HATE nights. the light at the end of my tunnel? after tonight, i'm off for SIX WHOLE DAYS! i can't wait!!! and at the end of those 6 days off, i'm back to the grind.... but ALEX WILL BE HOME! so at least that's something for me to look forward to even though i'll be back to hell!!!

i have an interview tomorrow. wish me luck!

have i mentioned i miss alex? 6 more days until he's home! (he gets home late on sunday night).

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