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Thursday, May 04, 2006

stress... food... more stress... more food

well, my stress level has hit an all-time high it seems. work is entirely burning me out. the good news in all of this? a year or more ago i would have dealt with my stress by eating... and i just realized that i'm not doing that now. i see that as a positive thing!!!

so, okay... it's thursday, weigh-in day... and we all know what that means... starve yourself until after weigh-in. so what did i decide to try today? wendy's. yup.... haven't eaten fast food in a year... i had a spicy chicken sandwich (which IS a burger), and a baked potato... with cheese. have you ever heard that awful rumour that when your body isn't used to grease it rejects the food you've just eaten? or punishes you by requiring you to stay near your bathroom at all times? i figured my body would NEVER do that to me. i was wrong. my new-found healthy body rejected my wonderful wendy's meal. i'm feeling better now... but i don't think i'll be going back to greasey food in any less than a year!!! next week, back to subway on my thursday night!!! or maybe a pizza slice... hmmmm....

so i can plan tomorrow's menu... but i'm going out to dinner with people from work (happy CYC week by the way). but i'll post my plans up until dinner.

Friday's Menu

* cream of wheat (2)
* jam (0)

*3/4 cup fat free, plain yogurt (2)
*jam (0)
*spenda (0)

*1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese (2)
*grape tomatoes (0)
*cucumber (0)
*black pepper (0)

*** this leaves me with plenty of points for dinner. I'm anticipating i'll have a salad... but with cheese and chicken on it or something... and i plan to have one beer (but no more, i'm driving..)

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