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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


i hate being sick. i really do. i left work today and felt sore all over, but figured it was just because of how busy i was at work today. here it is, 3:30am and i'm wide awake... i'm sore all over, my eyes hurt... and my throat feels like i was just screaming at a concert all night... and i'm nauseated. what is up with that? finally by 3am, when i realized i could only get 2.5hrs of sleep before work... i made the dreaded sick call to work. i hate doing that. they're so short staffed all the time on the unit... i hate inconveniencing anyone. such is life i suppose...

i was told today by someone very special that they read this thing on a regular (possibly daily) basis... big shout outs to that person... you know who you are... you rock.

i took gravol 10min ago and it's still not taking effect... this is nuts.

i hope the rest of the world is sleeping well and feeling well right now. i hate not feeling well... hate it. the stress that comes with calling in sick to work only makes being sick feel 10X worse.

sleep tight everyone.... maybe i'll be there soon myself!

1 comment:

bamath77 said...

Big ups homey. Big Ups. catch you on the flip-dizzle.