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Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's CORE time...

so, had weigh-in today... I was down 1.8lbs... bringing my new total to 52.4lbs lost!!! go me!

and as per my day-planner... starting tomorrow I am going to try core for an entire week and see how it goes. as i said before though, i'm going to still count points as well... just because i actually enjoy it. so now my menus become very important... because this is new to me, so planning ahead of time will be essential for success i think. i've already made my chicken chili which is core... so i'll be good for taking dinner to work for the next 5 days (after tomorrow)... so here we go... friday's menu (i have friday off).

Friday's menu

*cream of wheat (2)
*sugar free fruit spread (0)

*1/2 cup ff cottage cheese (2)
*grape tomatoes (0), cucumber slices (0), black pepper (0)

***** then i will go grocery shopping to buy more core foods***

*1/4 cup hummus (ww recipe) - (2)
*baby carrots (0)

*1 cup ww pasta (3)
*chicken breast (3)
*grape tomatoes (0)
*2 tsp olive oil (2)
*1/4 cup ff cottage cheese (1)
*garlic (0)
*3/4 cup ff plain yogurt (2)
*splenda (0), sf jam spread (0)

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