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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh, how I miss thee...

You know what foods I miss... but am too afraid to ever go back to indulging in? here's a list... let me know if there's foods you miss.... or would miss if you chose to give them up...
  1. pizza hut pizza
  2. french fries - either from a pub/restaurant or chip truck! i LOVE fries.
  3. buffalo chicken fingers from shoeless joe's - used to get them every week with alex! not good!!!
  4. big ol' chocolate bars
  5. nachos... with extra cheese on them
  6. chinese food - only miss that sometimes though.
  7. chicken pad thai
  8. quiznos subs
  9. cheesy baked potato from wendy's
  10. spicy chicken sandwich from wendy's

and i think that's all for now... as i have cravings i will be sure to update this list!!

everyone, please wish me luck for weigh-in tomorrow! my eating has been messed up today due to not feeling well... but i have my appetite back now, let's hope i can control it through the evening!

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