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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Chicken & Blossom

Today, after some of this for breakfast:


The sun came out and the snow started to melt… Usually the first place to melt is the skylights (which is good, I like the sun to melt and the sun to shine in to the family room)


We landed on some frozen pizza for lunch. I have come to learn I now live with a frozen pizza junkie.  This was a flatbread Tuscan chicken variety. It was pretty good actually.



I lazed around for the afternoon and watched some Blossom season 1 on DVD while thinking about dinner. I decided to make some chicken fried rice. I ended up just throwing together things I could find in my kitchen.  It was made with brown rice, so it wasn’t exactly the same consistency as other fried rice… but it tasted pretty good!


I ended the day with some Chapman's rocky road frozen yogurt.


We are currently staying up late to watch Jim Carrey host SNL. I have no idea how long I can last, but I guess I’ll see!

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Jessica @ Dairyfreebetty said...

hope you had a fun night!!!!!!!! :)