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Thursday, January 06, 2011

It’s Back!

The salad is BACK! But first, some other business.

The plan this week was to get to the gym.  Thanks to a series of unfortunate events involving getting rear-ended (due to snow covered roads) followed by the angry husband of the woman who hit me showing up at my front door, yelling and scaring the bejesus out of me… the gym got side lined.   The plan will now be to try the gym this weekend.  My car?  It’s over 7 years old and the repairs might be more than the car is worth… so at this point I wait to find out if the insurance company is going to declare my car a “total loss”.  I have faith I will have my little car back.  We recently inherited Alex’s dad’s car and we haven’t sold Alex’s car yet… so for now I’m actually driving his Equinox. 

Today started out with some good old ‘naner mash.  1 banana, 1tbsp natural PB.


I took that mash and spread it on 1 slice of Country Harvest Prairie Bran toast


There was some mash left over to eat on the side…


My morning snack wasn’t pictured… I had some seaweed and lemon water.

Lunch was A SALAD!!


It has baby spinach, tuna, light old cheddar, grape tomatoes, red and yellow peppers and about 2tbsp of sliced almonds.  The dressing was one I haven’t made in a dog’s age… EVOO/balsamic vinegar/garlic/frank’s hot sauce.  Mmmm mmmm good.


There was also a Source Exotik yogurt and a golden delicious apple.

Snack was not entirely healthy.  See?



Dinner was a chicken breast with 1tbsp bread crumbs & some cajun seasoning. On the side was some quinoa with tomato, corn & some cheese.  There was also some garlic and cajun seasoning in there.



Dessert was more Orange Pineapple Fluff


Now we’ve watched the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy and we’re about to enjoy some fist pumpin’ with a new season of Jersey Shore!

Happy Friday!

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