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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Weigh In

I’m sad to report I’m

UP 0.7lbs

For a new total loss of 17.8lbs. Hard to pin point the reason.  Perhaps it’s the bad food I ate at my grandpa’s 81st birthday last weekend.  Perhaps it’s because of all of the medications I’m on for my sinus/ear infections.  Maybe I just haven’t been eating enough the last few days (lack of appetite has meant less than 1000 calories a couple of days).

Regardless, it’s on to next week!

I’m flying out to Chicago on Tuesday to see my sister and her family (and hopefully meet my niece, Ivy!).  I doubt I’ll be blogging or taking any food photos there… but I will still track my calories and hope for a loss next week (I will have to weigh in on Sunday since I don’t get back until Saturday afternoon).  I’m sad to leave my boy and puppy here alone, but they will take care of each other!

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