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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ready… set… Go!

Hello all.  I am back again!  When I last left you I was going on “vacation” to Chicago to help my sister for a week.  I got to “meet” my niece, Ivy (note: I did not get to hold her due to NICU restrictions at that hospital).


And I got to see my favourite little man…


I came back to reality 5 short days later and (in typical Jen fashion)… I took a while to get back in to the swing of things (specifically, tracking what I ate). 

In the last week, spring has arrived and the snow has disappeared. I took Friday off from work and had a renewed positive attitude. The sun was shining and I made my way back to the gym.  It was my first time visiting this location since I moved (for anyone keeping track… I moved October 29th!!).  I am severely out of shape so I started out easy.  I just aimed to do 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I am ashamed to admit – it was a killer.  I kept my heart rate up beyond my THR the entire time and I was sweating. It felt GRRRREAT!

Today, I start anew with my healthy intake.  Today, I start tracking again using My Fitness Pal app/website.  Tomorrow I head back to the gym again.

The last time I was blogging (in February) I was attempting to find my desire for a healthy life again… and hoped blogging would help me find it.  Today, I blog because I have that desire for a healthy life (and thinner one!) … and blogging is now the result of that desire.

Still with me?  If you are… I want to tell you about my breakfast.  It was divine.  It started with some coffee (who is this person? I drink coffee now??)


It was followed by some pancakes.  I have started reading blogs again (and will start commenting again!) and noticed a heck of a lot of pancakes and waffles out there. I wanted in on this action.  I made some Fiber One pancakes (bought in Chicago) and added 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder and a banana.  I whipped it up in the food processor (didn’t feel like chunks of banana today).  I topped the pancakes with 1 tbsp natural crunchy PB and 3 tbsp unsweetened apple butter.  Holy Hannah. It was SO filling and really yummy.


And now… it’s time to tackle making some healthy food for the rest of the day.  I can’t guarantee I’ll blog every day. I’m not going to pressure myself to do that.  But, I will try to blog often and will try to share my challenges and successes with you.

I plan to weigh in for the first time again on Friday and start my weight loss journey from there.  I have avoided the scale for almost 2 months.  It’s time to face the music.

In the mean time… Happy SPRING!



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Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Sending you "get back on track" vibes today!! It's so hard hey?

BEAUTIFUL tulip pictures!!