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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My favourite smoothie cup is no more.  It’s a dishwasher fatality.  My insulated cup has melted.  I’m not a happy camper. We actually have 2 cups here… I guess we will have to do some time share with the only good one left (which technically is the one I bought for Alex).  My poor cup.


Breakfast was a Weight Watchers thin bun with some Greek Liberte and some honey.



Snack was 2 clementines.


Lunch was some baby spinach, green onion and grape tomatoes.  I was finishing up some stuff from the fridge and I decided to take some leftover tuna and mix it with some leftover seafood sauce.  Holy crap.  That was epic.  I will most definitely be having tuna and seafood sauce in the future (note to self: add seafood sauce to grocery list).




My lunch dessert was a very delicious pink lady apple


Afternoon snack was some cucumber slices (no photo!) and more clementine.

Dinner was leftover Mexican Casserole 




When I got home from work today I went outside to shovel the driveway.  Before I knew it, a neighbour came over and offered to help me shovel!  We shovelled the driveway together and I learned he has lived here just over a year and he and his wife are expecting their first baby in 3 weeks.  While we were out shovelling, a lady from 2 doors down drove by and smiled and waved.  I love my street… everyone is so friendly.  I can tell, I’m going to love living here (especially come spring/summer when people are out and about again).  The street is also not a street people use to get to other streets… it’s just a little street in the middle of our neighbourhood and as a result, we don’t get any traffic.  Kids play on the street, adults go for walks and visit each other.  I’m so glad we moved here.  (As long as the angry man from 2 streets over leaves me alone from now on and his wife doesn’t run in to the back of my car again).


Jaime said...

I miss all of our friendly neighbours from my Halifax neighbourhood. Apartment neighbours suck. :(

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Sorry about the cup tragedy! But the mexican casserole looks delish