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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The time has come...

... to say farewell.

no no, not farewell to my blog and my LOYAL readers...

farewell to my BAD HABITS.

since the new year i've been seriously slacking... that slacking has come to an end today. well - tomorrow for sure.

i'm sick of the yo-yo pattern my weight is taking on....

steph is coming over today for a girls' day... but i will try to be very good in my food choices. BUT - tomorrow i shall start referring to myself as SGT JEN. i'm going to be back to the strict person i was when i started WW almost TWO years ago.

I vow to treat every day like i'm being weighed in the next day.

I vow to get myself on the treadmill every morning again (i've been slacking sooo bad in that).

I vow to go back to making sure i MEASURE and WEIGH everything.

I vow to get in all my water, fruits/vegetables, and milk (not so much the oils necessarily).

Think I can do it? I hope so... and you can make me accountable, because lastly...

I vow to get back to posting my menus and exercise on here. Starting TOMORROW.

Also - only a month until I become an AUNT! This baby needs a SKINNY aunt - not a chubby one!!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...'re back! And motivating me to kick my butt into gear as well!
We'll have to make a skinny aunt pact so we'll look great while babysitting:)
Save some points for drinking in the near future!