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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jennifer = BAD girl!!

Happy sunny weekend! (and hello to my slightly burned face, which is fully engulfed in freckles!)

Where did this weeked (of NOT working) go?? Saturday consisted of a 5am wake up call to head to Pontypool and then to Oshawa by 8am. I helped out at Kristen's car wash (for her ride to conquer cancer) until about 5:30 (8hrs on my feet, holding a sign on a street corner in Oshawa... at least I didn't have to wash cars). Mom and I then headed to Shoppers and Sobey's and then back to Pontypool. I crashed somewhere around 8 or 9pm on the couch and headed to bed at 11:30... slept through until 9am (NICE! I never sleep in that late!)... then went shopping at Costco and Superstore with mom. We got home and I made 4 pizzas (for our lunch, and then leftovers to feed them for the week)... at least 2 of those pizzas were my 'healthy pizza' recipe. I had taken home chocolate chip cookies for my dad, but he had them almost gone by today!! So... I whipped up another 3 dozen cookies for them/HIM before enjoying a few hours out in the sun visiting with my parents, Kristen, and her friend Laura, and then heading back to my place. I got back here and unpacked.. did some food 'prep'... and here I sit. I will go to bed soon!

I won't bother posting all of my food from yesterday and today (although, I did track!). I used 7 flex points in all... and my indulgences included 1c of ff ice cream on Saturday... about 12 peanut m&m's on Saturday... 3 chocolate chip cookies today and some baked old dutch dill pickles today. Today I managed to NOT use any flex points... but still, I didn't make the healthiest choices and am prepared for what the scale has to say to me tomorrow morning (I didn't weigh myself today).

I will work hard to recover this week. I want to gear up for a big loss on Thursday!

Cheers to a successful week for everyone!!

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