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Thursday, May 07, 2009

It was bound to happen...

I was up.... after 10 weeks of losing, I had a gain this week.

I was up 0.6lbs. At least it's not even a pound.

Was it weighing in earlier? Should I not have eaten breakfast? Did the lack of walks this week make a difference? Who knows. It doesn't matter, I will have a loss again next week. I'm not upset by it all! I do think my regular weigh in place brings me good luck though!

I ate some dried fruit (bought a crap load of dry fruit, wasabi peas and soy beans at bulk barn after weigh in!) during a meeting. Ummm... prunes before a meeting? not a great idea. My stomach felt funny and I wasn't so hungry by dinner at the mall (food court) with steph. I ate frozen yogurt.... BUT then I did just eat a subway at 8pm for a late dinner after all. Oops!

This weekend may shape up to be a bit of a challenge... but I will come through it all on top!! I think my easter rules may have to apply!!! I'm already stressed a little because dad wants us all to go to pizza hut (in Lindsay) for dinner on Saturday... I know I can get edge veggie, but I feel bad... dad always wants to get the cheapest deal there is and I feel bad straying from the plan and then he ends up spending more money. I know he doesn't care... so, I will just get over it - I have to do what I've got to do to reach goal weight!

I was going to have my baked dill pickle chips I didn't eat last week... but I don't think I will. They will be saved for next week!!

Almost forgot... got on the treadmill for a nice jog this morning. Sprinted a bit even. I'm glad the shin pain seems to have disappeared. I have figured out I need to start my jog with smaller strides until my legs warm up... it totally works.

Happy Friday!

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