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Saturday, May 09, 2009

ILive, from Pontypool... It's Saturday Night!!

Happy Saturday! I am coming to you live from Pontypool. I really do love that my mom has wireless and I have a latptop now. I can keep on top of my tracking/blogging... and have successful weekends in Pontypool. I have decided to make my "Easter Rules" apply for today and tomorrow. Same rules, different game... same outcome!

Today consisted of silently freaking out with the huge hail storm then packing and doing some cleaning... THEN I managed a little jog before driving here to Pontypool. I have managed to eat healthy today... with ONE treat (full fat dairy, an apparent necessity every now and again!).

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: 1c skim milk iced coffee (2)
Post jog: protein bar (4)
Lunch (on the road): wasabi peas (3), fruit bites (1)
Dinner: roasted chicken breast (5), spinach salad with cheese (2) and olive oil dressing (1)
Treat: 1c ice cream (6)
Total: 24... could be worse
Water: 3L

Overall, a good day. I have been able to play with Simon... that's always a good day! Today our games are 'zip aunt jen's hoodie up and down... over and over and OVER' and 'where is your laugh?'... (ask people "where's your laugh?" and then Simon and the person do a big laugh together).

Tomorrow Michele and I are running to Ptbo in the morning to grab groceries, then it's back home to make brunch for mom... then we are taking her to the flower place on the 115 to have her pick out flowers from all of us... and then just enjoying the sunny weather. Apparently if it's really nice Kristen is accosting me for a long biek ride with her (hey, it's activity I wasn't counting on for tomorrow, I will give it a try!).

I didn't even take any photos today. Tomorrow I will be sure to do so!!!

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