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Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Monday

So, today is a new type of Monday... a 'summer' Monday. You see, our office moves to 'summer' hours this week. Normally we are open until 8pm Mon-Thurs, so my evening is normally Mondays (work 1-8)... which means Monday mornings off. During the summer we are only open late Tues and Thurs. So, I only work late 2 Tuesdays in August... and have to work Monday mornings. It's been nice to have Monday evening at home... but the alarm going off early on a Monday was rough. Also... it would appear I have volunteered to work new hours. I will now be working 8:30 to 4:30 instead of 9-5 (except on the days I work late)... It will be nice to take off half hour early. It may be a challenge to get out of the house a half hour early in the morning... but I'm going to practice this week!

So... I've managed a bit of activity today. A jog in the AM, the walk at lunch, took the stairs when I got home (think I will do that each day), and did the 'core rhythms' workout this evening (FUN... but I think I look like a complete a$$ doing it!).

Food could have been better...
Breakfast: 2pc ww toast (1), apple butter from walden farms (0), 1/2c banana yogurt (2)
Snack: berries (1)
Lunch: salad w/ cheese (2), tuna (1), EVOO/balsamic drsg (2), yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar - pecan pie (4)
Dinner: chicken breast (3), steamed veggies (0)... strawberry chocolate meringues (3) - OOPS
Total: 20
Water: 4L

Happy Tuesday!

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