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Thursday, July 02, 2009

It's about that day again

It's Thursday!

I can't believe I didn't post for 2 days! I guess when I think nobody is actually reading the blog... I don't bother posting as much. I can't recall why I didn't post on Tuesday. I can tell you I decided to make my own version of Larabars (but made them into little balls and affectionately dubbed them 'laraballs')... and ate a few tooooo many right before bed.

Yesterday was a day of stress for me. My car was having issues... bottom line is it appeared to be the batter/alternator. Yesterday was a holiday. I have to work today. I wasn't sure if my car would make it to work on the highway (FYI - 401 is a busy hwy in the morning through Toronto. Luckily I got AGAINST traffic). I concluded I had to try to drive my car out to my dealership (which is close to work) and call Roadside if I broke down on the hwy. I have also concluded that STRESS/ANXIETY makes me lose my appetite. I eat mindlessly when I am sad/bummed or bored. Yesterday was stress... which meant no appetite... which came in handy the day before weigh in!

I got my car to the dealer this morning and decided to walk the 3.2KM to work rather than take their shuttle. I did it in 25min (and worked up a lovely pre-work sweat thanks to the fact that there was ZERO breeze outside).

That is my story. I will hear from them at some point to tell me what's wrong with it... and then they say they should have it fixed by the end of my work day. Yay!

I will be back with results later! Wish me luck!

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Tara said...

Hi Jen!
GOOD LUCK today! I'm still reading and keeping an eye on you as usual. Just haven't had time to post on my own blog!! Nor do I have much exciting to say as far as weight goes! Also, I've been using Google reader and you can just enter in the web addresses of the blogs you read and then it shows you which ones have new posts and you just read it via the google reader site. This means that you actually have to link to the blog to comment on it which I've been lazy in doing!! Sorry! I will try and keep on top of you and keep you accountable for VEGAS :) If you want me to, that is!
I hope your car is OK! That's good that they can fix it while you're at work...handy!
Have a good day at work!