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Friday, July 10, 2009


Holy moly I am hungry today. I swear, all I want to do is eat. I think the days I don't bring a HUGE honking salad to work... I am more hungry later!

Let's recap my day, shall we? It started with a restless sleep last night, followed by some sleeping in (today was a planned day 'off' from jogging anyway). Work is slow (no lunch walk today... leaving work early today instead)... but I had some surprise visitors! First mom and dad stopped in with Simon (they went to Hamilton to get him and keep him for the weekend to babysit)... then Stacey stopped in. This girl has a GREAT life, I swear. She is off to a fund raising cruise in Fenelon tonight... with an 80's theme!! She went to get her hair cut today and the guy CRIMPED her hair for her for tonight! Plus, she has a really cool 80's outfit to wear tonight. She's going to look awesome!

Alex and I have decided to treat ourselves to some of his gift cards tonight, so we are going to Montana's for dinner. I already have my meal planned. I am actually craving a salad! I guess because I didn't have one for lunch today, I want it tonight.

Here's what I've eaten today...
Breakfast: ww toast (1), strawberry cottage cheese (2)
Snack: fruit bites (2)
Lunch: quinoa (2), cheese (2), chick peas (1), salsa (0), yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar - banana bread (4)
Dinner (planned): strawberry mandarin salad at Montana's (3)... add chicken? (3?)... and fat free raspberry vinegrette ?

We'll see how it goes... in the mean time, I'm OFF!

**Back to update**
Went to Montana's for dinner. I had the strawberry mandarin salad (3) w/ approx 1 tbsp ff raspberry vinaigrette (1), added grilled chicken breast, about 2oz (2) and some feta cheese (2). When I got home from work I was STARVING... so I had 1pc of light pumpernickel bread (1) w/ 1 tbsp organic meadow light cream cheese (1) - have to say, this cream cheese is AWESOME! Healthy... no additives... and so creamy! I also had a little blue menu strawberry jam on it (0). Daily point total = 25.

Now... I did manage to complete the challenge today too!! I made Alex wait a few extra minutes for me while I made sure to get it done today!
Circuit one: 8 push ups, 20 squats... repeat
2: 26 bicycle crunches, 26 reverse crunches, 20 lunges... repeat
3: 15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat... repeat
finale: 60sec plank!
Total time: TEN MINUTES! I worked up a sweat, but it's amazing how quick you can move when your hungry man is waiting to go eat dinner!!!

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