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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Holy crap what a busy weekend. I'll tell you up front - I didn't do the challenge. Now, I'll recap the weekend. Saturday: 9am hair colour appt, then back home to have breakfast, have a jog, then off to hair appt #2 (cut), then back home to clean up, do a pedicure, then head out to a BBQ with alex's colleagues. 1 chicken breast, 1 baked potato, small spoonful of ceasar salad, small piece of brushetta, 3 beers and TWO shots of sambuca later... I didn't get home until after 2am, but had a fun time (I love hearing stories about how alex is at work, and it's fun to see everyone all surprised to see him in jeans, they only see him in suits). Hey, at least I enjoyed a 45min jog yesterday!

Today meant getting up at 8am and stopping at the bank, then shoppers to drop off a prescription, then grocery shopping, then back to shoppers to pick up the prescription, then home to put away groceries and have some breakfast. After eating I headed back out to Cayne's to see about a red kitchenaid food processor. No luck. Went to Ambrosia to get some stuff for healthy baking, then went to Fairview mall to see about a food process. Went to the Bay and Sears but NO LUCK! Came home to start baking. Didn't have oats. Headed BACK out to get some oats. Came home and baked TWO kinds of healthy 'bars' and my own frozen yogurt. Got the bars done and cut up, put the dishes in the sink and ran the water. Water was too hot. Came to the couch... fell asleep for about an hour. Got up, ate some healthy bars and decided to eat dinner, then do the dishes. I am exhausted. No jog, no 10min challenge. Tomorrow will be better. I think I will actually fine tune my planned out menus and call it a day.

I took a photo of dinner tonight (a stir fry with edamame, mixed veggies, quinoa and yves veggie ground chicken), but blogger won't let me upload photos!

On to tomorrow... I feel like I have indulged a lot this weekend. I will still eat my points this week and not restrict as much as I was... but it might not be pretty come Thursday!

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