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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hellooooo... la la la!

Good golly Miss Molly. I am so sleepy. Care for a recap of where I've been?

Friday - work, home... quality alone time with alex (read: some quality food network tv watching!). No challenge. We were in bed and I was JUST about asleep and I (loudly) declared "CRAP! I FORGOT TO DO THE CHALLENGE TODAY!". Oops.

Saturday - up early, packing, out the door to Pontypool, helping get ready there, then mom, dad, alex and I were out the door to head to the lake. Enjoyable day up at the lake with the family (on what would have been grandma's 82nd birthday). Rainy day, but that didn't stop us from splashing around in the lake and having an awesome time with everyone (including Simon and my cousin's 2yr old son, Seamus). Finally had enough of the rain around 5 or 6pm and headed back to Pontypool. Enjoyed a visit with mom, dad, alex, michele, jacob and Simon. Then us 4 girls left grandma and grandpa to put Simon to bed and we headed to Oshawa to meet Kristen and Kurt for Kristen's birthday party. I knew I was just about at my points total, so once we were there I offered to be the DD. Alex headed from there back home to TO... I drove Simon's drunken parents back to Pontypool at 3am. ONE of them had to have me stop on hwy 35 so they could puke. That person shall remain nameless. It was a busy, tiring day.

Sunday - laundry, etc in Pontypool... then headed out around 6:30pm. Got stuck in huge traffic due to a very determined suicidal person on a 401 overpass. Finally got home, unpacked.... and went right to bed. Slept from 10pm right through until 7am. No jog. No jog or exercise since Thursday in fact.

On Saturday Alex and Wyatt and I did venture out in the paddle boat... at least that was some exercise, right? Today involved a lunch walk... and no challenge tonight... although, I did buy a little portable stepper machine tonight after work, so I tried that out. Jury's still out on whether or not I'll keep it.

This weekend I indulged in some pie, ice cream and peanut m&m's. I have to do damage control this week I'm afraid.

Here's how today's food looked
Breakfast: shake without protein powder, but with chocolate amazing grass (3)
Snack: berries (2)
Lunch: salad with cheese (2), turkey breast (1), EVOO/balsamic drsg (2), yogurt (1), berries (1)
Snack: raw veggies (0)
Dinner: turkey breast (1), sliced avocado (2), salsa (0), mozzarella cheese (2)... melted and then 2tbsp light sour cream added on top (1).... odd, I know. Dessert was too many granola bars! (6)
Total: 24
Water: 4L

Now I'm off to quickly make lunch while watching the finale of the Bachelorette... and hopefully get to bed by 10pm (which is in 17min BTW).

Happy Tuesday. Here's hoping I get my butt on the treadmill and doing the challenge tomorrow night!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Yay! You're back! Sounds like you had an excellent family weekend :) And I'm curious as to which of Simon's parents was the puker!?!? I'm going to guess Michele!
Your food looks great today and I'm sure the excercise will come tomorrow.
Good luck with the treadmill and challenge.