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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good luck... not

I'm not optimistic about tonight... but a little luck never hurts, does it? At least if I'm up... I know it's not from lack of effort this week. 4 days of exercising 3x/day... and 1 day of exercising 2 times. I tried!

**Update** I was up 2 whole pounds. NUTS! On to next week and my plan to actually eat more. Seems crazy... eat more to lose weight... but I know science tells us we do need to eat ENOUGH. My goal is now going to be to eat 24 HEALTHY points a day. I am going to buy a food processor this weekend to help in that journey. The food processor is going to be bought with money my grandma left me... I know she'll be happy that I use a little of the money on something I can use for baking. She really was proud of the baker I became. Okay... on to next week. I have eaten my subway... half a larabar... and I have set out some salt and vinegar baked old dutch chips for big brother. I thought I would be solo tonight... but it turns out my better half was able to get rid of his client early and he joined me!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Aw, Jen...that is so frustrating! Especially with all the effort that you put in with all the excercise. On to next week, I have a feeling this will work :)
Enjoy the delicious chips!!