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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You know what I need?

Another day, another dollar (or so). With that dollar I could buy myself a kick in the butt!

Again today I felt exhausted. I think I've figured out why... some 'early' girly issues on top of still needing to recover from last weekend.

Bottom line? I couldn't get out of bed today. I think I'm royally screwed for weigh in this week... unless I can pull off a miracle (despite okay food choices the last couple of days, the scale hasn't moved downward since the weekend). Tonight's plan was a treadmill jog, the 10min challenge, baking cupcakes and making a birthday card for a birthday party at work tomorrow (and making dinner, making lunch and doing dishes somewhere in there). What have I done? Baked and made the card. Dishes and lunch are next on my list, then bed. Tomorrow's new plan? Jog, go to work, walk on lunch, come home and do another jog, then the challenge. At least I don't have to do running around tomorrow nor do I have to do baking or make a card tomorrow after work.

My food was okay today...
Breakfast: shake without protein but with amazing grass (2), 1pc light rye bread w/ cream cheese (2)
Snack: cherries, blueberries and strawberries (2)
Lunch: taco salad with lettuce, black beans, corn, red onion, cheese (2), avocado (4) and salsa (0), yogurt (1), 1/2c mexican pasta salad (2)
Snack: veggies (0), larabar (4)
Dinner: 2 veggie burgers (4), cream cheese (2), ketchup (0), mustard (0), veggies (0)
Total: 25
Water: 3L

Happy hump day. Let's hope I find a bit more motivation. Well.... not so much motivation, I still have my eye on the prize. I need ENERGY! Hmmm... maybe I should pull out a red bull and make myself jump up and drink it in the morning for old times sake!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

At least you think you've figured out why you're so tired! The weather also does not help's so hard to want to do anything when it's dark and rainy's sleep the day away type weather!
Your food looks good today again! Was the cream cheese on top of your veggie burgers? I've never thought of that before!
Good luck with the activity today...I'm sure you'll get your groove back once you get into it!
PS...LOVED your quote - too freakin' appropriate!!