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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hooray Long Weekend!!

Woohoo! Happy long weekend! Now, I am working 3:30 to 11:30 tomorrow night, but I still have Sunday AND Monday off. I'm happy!!

Today started without a jog. However, while on my walk at lunch I did jog part of the way (including up the long hill at the end. I felt that in my legs and butt later!!).

We're watching "Zack and Miri make a porno" now... so this is short.

Here's what I've eaten...
breakfast: rye toast and cheese (4)
Snack: blueberries... LOVING them right now (1)
Lunch: 1c pasta w/ salsa (3), cheese (1), fruit twist (1), almonds (2)
Snack: popcorn (3)
Dinner: lasagna casserole (6), banana soft serve w/ blueberries (4)
Total: 25

I have a photo of my banana soft serve, I'll upload it later. I'm so happy a girl at work loaned me her food processor until I get one. FINALLY I could do with the frozen banana what I have been trying to do!

Tonight's plan is to NOT eat anything else!!!

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