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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Where has the week gone?

I'll be honest. I just haven't felt like blogging. What's the point? I'm being defeated by my weight. This is PMS week... so, unless I try SUPER hard, I rarely get a loss this week. I am trying to remind myself of that. I have to also be honest... it's time to take a hiatus from making granola bars. They call my name in the evening. I have to get back to my eating habits from a few months ago... NO food past 7pm!!!

Next week's plan? 5 jogs, ab workouts (I think I am done with the challenge!), arm workouts (push ups), 1 granola square a day (if that), no indulging on the weekend, walks at lunch... and feel more confidence again!!!

So, I did pretty well with food on the weekend... except once again I was hungry when I got home from work saturday evening... so, I reached for a PB&J sandwich... I really have to try to NOT eat this weekend when I get home from work (yep, I'm working again this Saturday). Sunday was good, made myself get a jog in... enjoyed too much sushi (another note... next time Alex suggests sushi I should be strong and NOT go to all you can eat. we can go back to our fave place down the street and not over indulge)... after lunch/dinner on Sunday we went to see the movie 'the hangover'... Monday was more being lazy (thanks to a headache and feeling like crap) and making 2 kinds of granola bars. Followed (perhaps) by eating too many of them.

I got a jog in yesterday and today... but I didn't get any lunches and so therefore have missed lunch time walks all week. I planned on jogging tonight... but I just can't ever find the energy in the evening. Tomorrow will definitely be a jog in the AM (a full hour if I can get up early enough!!) followed by a lunch walk (or jog if my shins can handle it)... that's another thing, shin issues have returned!!! what's up with that? I blame lack of exercise the last couple of weeks.

I don't want to sound like a negative nelly... I still have every intention of getting to goal weight this year (yikes... the year is already more than half over!)... I just need to find the groove I found in the winter!!

I'll post my results tomorrow and then get back to posting menus come Friday!! Today was good though... a couple of green smoothies... chocolate amazing grass (LOVE that stuff. Have to watch for when it comes to Canada!), veggies, Yves mexican ground round (LOVE that stuff! it's going on our mexican pizza on Friday!), 2 granola bars, banana, blueberries, peach... that's about it.

Some food photos from the last few days...

Oops. it appears photos aren't working so well tonight. It's been a day from hell at work and I'm exhausted... I think I will call it a day!!!

Good luck tomorrow. I will definitely be happy with a 'stay the same' if I can pull it off!!!!

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