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Thursday, August 06, 2009 happens.

Up 0.4lbs. Not so bad... I was feeling quite irritable, frustrated, sad, emotional (ask Alex!!... sorry boyfriend). Low and behold, 3 hours later my period arrived (3 days early mind you, but still... it explains my last 2 days of emotional hell. TMI?? sorry!). Maybe this will help with my constant headache for the past week (although I think it's sinuses and finally did a sinus flush).

Soooo... here's some food photos from last weekend still.
Monday's fruit and green smoothie breakfast
Looks gross... veggies, mexican veggie ground round, tomato sauce
more fruit
Banana soft serve. I'm totally addicted.

Day with sushi...

If I have a moment to myself at work tomorrow I'll post again! Onward and upward to next week... time for bed and a morning off from the treadmill!

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