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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hello? Who is this? Why... I've found the OLD Jen. The one who stuck within her points and exercised. Today was a good day! I enjoyed a great night's sleep, woke up feeling rested... and enjoyed a 1hr jog before work this afternoon! It's amazing what it has done for my mood today!!! Still in "pre vacation mode"... but it can't hurt to have a good "OP" day!

I'm at work... waiting for our casual worker to get off the phone so I can 'check' her referral and we can go home on time (last week we were here late because we both were on the phone with 'talkers').

So, here's what I ate today....
Breakfast: ww toast (1), cottage cheese (2)
Lunch: flatout (1), refried beans 1/4c (0), 1tbsp Wendy and Barb's hummus (0), 1 tbsp light ricotta (0), leaf of lettuce (0)
Snack: green protein shake w/ amazing grass chocolate (3)
Snack again: Larabar, lemon (4)
Dinner: taco salad with yves mexican ground round (2), cheese (2), lettuce, black beans and corn (0)... peach (1), yogurt (1), mixture of hemp seed, chia seeds and ground flax seeds (1)
Total: 18 (yep, lower than I should be... but I have work to do before Thursday!).

I am happy to finally report the scale liked me today. I felt I had done okay on Sunday... and the scale gave me a gift of a 2lb gain on Monday morning... a weight higher than I have seen in MONTHS... Today? It had me down 5.2lbs from yesterday! Thank the Lord!! Hopefully I can keep the momentum up for Thurs (not that I expect to be down 5lbs every morning!! One can only dream!!).

Happy Hump day tomorrow... T minus 4 days until departure day! Will you miss me when I'm not blogging?? haha!!

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