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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hello, lover...

Ahhh. Unhealthy food. I tried a small bag of these at Subway a few months ago. You could ONLY find them at Subway and only in the small bags. Imagine my surprise when I came across them at Walmart yesterday. Of course, I had to buy a bag. I had them in my hand and asked myself 'what am I doing? I vowed to only eat healthy foods'... then I remembered Thursdays ARE my cheat night, when I do eat unhealthy foods. However... I have decided to save these chips and let Alex eat them on Saturday while he graces my couch to watch the UFC fight (while I work hard and bring home the bacon).

Now... good luck for tonight. I think at this point I should expect to stay the same... don't know that I can pull off a lost... won't be surprised with a slight gain or staying the same. I'll try to get in my 'last chance walk' today at lunch... and got in a 45min jog this morning... but last week would be tough to beat (given my total lack of appetite the day before weigh in last week). blah. I just want that ticker to get to its goal already... and feel like I'm doing what I can (although I am sure I could work out HARDER)... maybe it's time to kick myself a little more.

3:30pm... back to add that I went out for my walk at lunch, but decided to turn it into a jog!! For the first time EVER my shins didn't bother me one teeny bit jogging on pavement. Praise the jogging lord!! I managed 5K in 35min (40min if you count the 5min I stopped to talk to the best many from Stacey and Colin's wedding. Haven't seen him in 9 years but ran into him on the side of the road where he was digging up an old well. Crazy! Stacey and Colin are still friends with him and his wife... but I haven't seen them since the wedding!). Hopefully my last ditch effort pays off... I sweated up a STORM.

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