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Friday, July 17, 2009


Happy first day of eating more points! So far, so good. I don't feel like I've eaten a LOT more (which is good).

Today was a day off of jogging... then there was no lunch time walk due to rain. I did complete the 10min challenge tonight... Here's how it looked;
1: 15 triceps, 25 squats... repeat
2: 30 bicycles, 30 reverses, 20 jumping lunges... repeat
3: 15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat... repeat
Finale: 55sec plank (Still struggle with this!!)
Total time? 10min 20sec!

What have I eaten today to fill these extra points?
Breakfast: 2pc light rye (2), light organic meadow cottage cheese (1), organic jam (1)
Snack: shake (3)
Lunch: flatout (1), 1/4c refried beans (0), 2tbsp hummus (1), lettuce (0)... salad with cheese (2), avocado (2), veggies and salsa (0), yogurt (1)
Snack: Larabar (4)
Total so far: 18
Now I'm off for an evening with Alex... not exactly sure what we're doing but between his dumbass client and my car getting hit in the parking lot at work... we are going OUT (he says the budget is out the window for tonight. Okay!).... btw, my car had paint on it and is dented... i got the paint off and the dent isn't really SO noticeable, just frustrating!

Happy weekend!! I'm OFF from all jobs! Tomorrow I have a hair colour appt in the morning and cut in the afternoon! Tomorrow may be a day off of jogging yet again. It's okay though.

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