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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Debbie Downer... no more!

Well, there may have been a theme in my posts lately. To be honest, I have been feeling down. I think it's a combination of needing a vacation and just still missing my grandma. I am happy, don't get me wrong... just feeling down at times. I also have not been feeling AS motivated lately. I'm making an effort... still trying to eat healthy and get enough activity in, I still want the final product... I guess some days I am just more enthusiastic about it than others. Today was particularly hard. I woke up with ZERO motivation but I'm happy to report I did still get on that treadmill. The bad news? I only lasted 20min. I was just feeling so tired and blah... I couldn't do it. I did enjoy a nice walk at lunch... but then came home feeling very tired and NOT wanting to exercise. So... the good news? I just forced myself to do the challenge and it seemed make me feel better. Anyway... that's the recap of my day.

The challenge? Looked like this...
15 push ups, 30 squats... repeat
30 bicycle crunches, 30 reverses, 20 lunges... repeat
15 tricep dips, 60sec wall squat... repeat
plank: 0sec... oops, okay, so I just couldn't muster up the energy for it tonight.
Total time: 10min (or a little less... didn't time it to the second tonight).

My food today...
Breakfast: toast (2), PB2 (1), fruit (2)
Snack: green smoothie w/ some chocolate amazing grass (3)
Lunch: edamame salad (2), flatout (1) w/ cheese (2), hummus (1), lettuce (0), yogurt (1),
Snack: granola bar (2), avocado (2) w/ crackers (2)
Dinner: veggies (0) w/ veggie ground chicken (2) & shrimp (1)
Total: 24 on the dot!
Water: 4L... possibly 1 more before bed (exercising made me thirsty!)

Happy Thursday... good luck to me. I have no predictions yet... stay tuned!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Yes, my Jen...don't worry, be happy :) Your vacation countdown is SO on! It will be here before you know it.
Good job for getting on the treadmill even though you didn't feel like it. Even if it's just 20 minutes...any jog is better than no jog at all! That's what I say!
Food today looks good! Do you just slice up the avacado? I've never actually eaten one before and I don't think I've had guacomole either! So sheltered!
GOOD LUCK tomorrow.