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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday down... 3 to go!

So, another day down... another day closer to GIRLS' DAY on Saturday! A day of massage, pedicure, dinner and chick flicks. Ahhh... heaven. My friend and I used to do these all the time when we lived together... then they became less after we moved out... and now became even less since we see each other at work every day (and life is busy!).

So, again... I am running later than I like. I should be in bed now. I will be there in less than 10min, as soon as I am done this post (can't neglect my blog and the 0 readers I have!!). I feel lazy today. Why? All because I did no exercise tonight. I managed a full hour jog this morning... managed a HOT walk at lunch... and even had to run up 15 flights of stairs when I forgot something this morning... but all because I didn't workout tonight, I feel lazy. Hopefully tomorrow night I will find motivation.

Here's what I ate today...
Breakfast: 1c kashi from the US, 1pt less than the Cdn version (3), 3/4c cinnamon puffins (1), 1/2c skim milk (1)
Snack: 8 strawberries (0)
Lunch: the usual salad w/ cheese, 1/4c chick peas and my EVOO balsamic drsg (5), yogurt (1)
Snack: Luna bar - nutz over chocolate (3)
Dinner: tuna cakes with full tin of tuna (3), egg white (0), cornmeal (1)... 2 walnut halves w/ 1tbsp of chocolate chips for the sweet tooth after dinner (?4)
Total: 22
Water: 4L

Happy Hump Day!!

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