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Monday, June 15, 2009

Well hello!!!

Yes, I have been somewhat absent in the past week and a half. I've been doing okay the last few days... less tears and back to more smiling. I was extremely busy this past weekend (Raven's birthday at Chuck E Cheese, out to see the movie UP in 3D, dinner out, sleep, Sunday in Niagara Falls for Kristen's ride to conquer cancer, then back to Hamilton for dinner... then home and to bed). Today it was back to routine and work. The good news is that I did manage nice, longer jogs on Saturday and today. Today was *almost* back to perfect eating.

First... to bring a smile to everyone else's face:
Now... what did I eat today?
Breakfast: 2 pieces of light rye toast (2), kraft natural PB, 1tbsp (2), 7 strawberries (0), 1/2c grapes (1)
Lunch: 1 flatout (1), 1/4c low fat refried beans (0), 1/4c ff cottage cheese (1), lettuce (0), 1/2c PC Avantage banana yogurt w/ Howaru (2)
Snack: Larabar - peanut butter (4)
Dinner: salad with light cheese (2), 1/2c chick peas (2), EVOO/balsamic/garlic/hot sauce dressing (2), yogurt (2)
Treat from a lovely coworker: some cinnamon roll (?3)
Total: 24

My coworker baked a recipe I had given her and she tried it on the weekend and insisted I have some while they were fresh... I had to oblige and figured it's better to have it today rather than any day closer to weigh in. The rest is safely in the fridge for after weigh in!

Some food photos... because I enjoy them: (today's fruit) (Saturday's morning berries)
(Today's yummy toast)
(Does it make you want peanut butter?)

And to end the day on a lovely note... this is what I was looking at while we drove home from Hamilton last night. It was much prettier in person.

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