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Friday, June 01, 2007

Truth be told...

... i was up 0.2lbs last night. Geez! I have no idea what happened. I know I didn't feel great when i went there... like I was full of food or something (though i wasn't). who knows... now to forget that weigh-in and focus on next week.

This week (as in this weigh-in week) will be all about getting myself back into the treadmill routine - HARDCORE!

Alex and I aren't seeing each other tonight... he has a late meeting for work and by the time he gets home who knows what time it will be... maybe he'll come over.. but i'm working at SickKids tomorrow morning at 7:30... so our plan is to go out tomorrow evening (i'm hoping to see that new movie "knocked up"!).

Well, I think I'm going to leave work early today... so I'll sign off for now!! happy weekend!!

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