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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've returned!

Well, it certainly has been a while since I posted! A few weeks ago I didn't make it to my weigh-in, thanks to the HUGE snow storm that we all remember very well (especially if we were DRIVING in it!). but the following week i was down 3.8lbs - officially losing my christmas weight! (yay - only took 2 months, but at least it's GONE!). Note to self: next year, don't go so crazy over the holidays thinking it will be easy to lose the weight I gain!

I had a week off from work and went home to Pontypool... which can be a challenge sometimes... so luckily I was only up 0.4lbs this week... now i just need to make sure I lose that (and more) this coming week, which might be difficult because for some reason i'm very tired the last couple of days... i had a THREE hour nap yesterday and still slept 10hrs last night!

I'm still trying to stick to some core principles... limiting my carbs (haven't had pasta in WEEKS and have had very little bread)... i went shopping yesterday and bought fresh chicken breasts... which i baked in the oven with some cajun seasoning and have in the fridge ready to put on salads... i've also taken to the new hellman's salad spritzers... 10 spritzs just nicely coats a salad and is 15 calories (0 POINTS!!).

today's plan... had cheerios and milk and a grapefruit for breakfast... lunch will be salad and maybe tuna... and dinner is undecided at this point! I'm open to suggestions from anyone!!

Alex is off giving a talk to seniors today... teaching them about wills... hopefully he scores some new clients!!

Happy day after st patrick's day, everyone!

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