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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Still on Core?

i can't even tell you if i'm really doing core anymore! i know last week i was only down 0.2lbs - very disheartening! my leader said i should just keep up the exercise because it will eventually pay off. it better!

i decided to stick with core principals mostly... but without totally doing core (i still count all my points is the only difference i suppose). i haven't had any bread still or any pasta even... EXCEPT on the weekend. if i gain this week, it's my own fault for how i behate on the weekend. i went home for saturday and sunday for my mom and michele's birthdays, and we also had a family gathering up in Fenelon at my aunt Faye's. alex even made it to that one! not only did he come - but he liked the country! he liked aunt faye's being out in the middle of nowhere. he even took part in roasting weenies on the fire and loved that! i think i have a country boy at heart there.

Raven on the weekend:

anyway, back to my eating on the weekend... i did okay at aunt faye's. i didn't eat any of the yummy looking doritos on the coffee table right in front of me... nor did i eat any of the cheesies! for dinner i ate some of my mom's chickin chili (because i know the points for it), some ceasar salad (without the heavy dressing... the dressing didn't seem to be too thick or heavy), 2 chicken hot dogs (without the buns), AND i ate a bun... a big old white bun fresh from the bakery. then after that - i ate a piece of cake. it was a small one, but i ate it. all in all... i could have done much worse.

then comes sunday... ever have those days where you're just hungry ALL flippin' day? that was me on sunday... i munched on food all day long and THEN ate dinner on top of that... i had leftover chicken chili and had some of my mom's macaroni dish (cooked macaroni with canned tomatoes and cheese melted on top -mmmmm comfort food from childhood). after dinner i had officially eaten all of my daily points. THEN comes dessert... i had made the biggest cake for mom and michele for their birthday... butter pecan cake with a caramel filling and thick buttercream icing... it looked so good. at first when michele was cutting the cake i told her to only cut me a small piece... then when i saw everyone else's pieces being cut, i gave in and had a huge piece with them... the biggest piece of cake i've probably ever eaten! but it was so good.

the cake:

so, if i gain tonight... that is why. wish me luck everyone!!!

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