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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who else hates their alarm clock?

Here it is just after 6am and i'm waiting for my kettle to boil so I can eat my oatmeal. yesterday did just okay staying on core - which is why i am FORCING myself to get on the treadmill today. yesterday i was too tired in the morning and just couldn't do it. i got up, was lazy, got myself to work still, went shopping on my lunch (topic for another day - how i love my optimum points!), and went to meet my old friend lisa for dinner (lisa is not old, our friendship is). i got home and finished decorating the cookies for my cookie bouquet (yay!), and played on and then got my butt to bed.

I will post photos of the cookies. i'm not entirely happy with them but they're just for my family so they will do! if someone were PAYING me for them i would try harder. which reminds me - there's a cake decorating class at michaels in whitby that i just might commit myself to for 4 weeks. it's only $35 for the course and kit - not bad, right? please give me your opinions!!!

here's my intake from yesterday:




*an odd salad containing lettuce (0), salmon (2), salsa (1), 1 tbsp FF cottage cheese (0), and 1 tbsp chick peas (0).

*FF pudding (3)


Dinner (at boston pizza)

*spinach salad without the bacon (5), with a SMALL salmon fillet on the side (2)

*piece of bread (3)


*multigrain cheerios (2)

*carrots (0)

*3 tbsp FF ranch drsg (1)

Sooooo... I did okay except that I ate some bread with dinner. I hope that doesn't equal a gain this week!

Here's photos of the cookies:

Have a good day, everyone! Happy HUMP DAY!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Hey there Core girl! Way to go at Boston Pizza:) I find eating out is one of the hardest things to do while staying on plan...especially @ Boston Pizza. Yummy!! Now I want pizza! Anyway, just checking in!
Oh, and I love the cookies. So cute. Mmmm, now I want cookies! OK, I've got issues today!
Have a good one!