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Friday, February 16, 2007

Insomnia strikes again, must be Thursday

Why can't I sleep on Thursdays? It has become apparent to me that Thursday night is my 'no sleep' night... so by Friday night I'm ready for bed by 8pm. Does that make me old? or pathetic? or both?

So, i weighed in tonight and i was up 1.2lbs. This is nuts! I've been basically maintaining for the past month and a half... little ups and downs, but at the same weight i was just after christmas. i have been jogging more so my WW leader seems to think that it will start paying off soon. In the meantime - back to CORE for me for at least a week.

I'll start the CORE plan on sunday, as saturday is girls' day and i want to eat whatever i want that day. otherwise, next week's grocery list is going to include FF plain yogurt, FF cottage cheese, more veggies, more fruit, and lettuce wraps! lunches will still be salads with FF drsg, unsweetened applesauce for desserts, or plain yogurt with splenda and a sugar free jam in it... dinners will be salmon, tuna, or chicken with a vegetable and maybe brown rice from time to time... or i'll do my brown rice/salsa/chicken bake dish... or chicken chili. really, the possibilities are endless. i'm just staying away from bread and my FF mccain fries. we even have SMART POP in canada now which is a CORE popcorn! can't go wrong!

That's it, there's my motivation... CORE starts sunday!

Happy weekend to all, and to all a good night (with sleep I hope!)

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